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A Message to Parents from Island Dermatology

Pediatric skin conditions can be difficult to diagnose and children should be seen by board certified Dermatologist for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Children can have a wide variety of skin issues that often go away on their own with time. However, when symptoms persist, Dr. Warren and his associates are available to help your children. Many pediatric skin conditions can be treated with topical creams and lotions that are safe for children to use.


Vascular Birthmarks Can be Treated with the VersaPulse Laser at Island Dermatology

Birthmarks can be very worrisome to parents. Common birthmarks are called “port wine stains” or “hemangiomas.” However, most birthmarks are not life threatening, but they can become a source for adolescent ridicule and teasing as your child ages. As a result, Dr. Warren recommends that you bring your child to Island Dermatology for an evaluation to see what the best treatment options are available.

Many Birthmarks can be safely removed using state of the art medical lasers such as the VersaPulse laser system. Dr. Warren conveniently offers a VersaPulse laser clinic on a monthly basis to make it easy and efficient for your child to be treated.

Childhood Skin Conditions Are Common and Dr. Warren is a Trained Specialist

Unfortunately, children are not immune from skin diseases. Acne, rashes, eczema, cradle cap, contact allergies, and warts are all common childhood skin conditions that need to be properly assessed so that long term problems can be avoided.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Warren at Island Dermatology as soon as you see a potential problem so our board certified dermatologist can help you determine the best treatment option.

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