Thermage – Skin Tightening

What does Thermage do?

ThermageThermage helps tighten and shape the skin, giving you a younger and healthy appearance.

How does Thermage work?

Thermage is a cutting edge procedure that uses radio-frequency technology to heat the deeper layer of skin, while protecting the surface to prevent damage. This heating stimulates new collagen growth and strengthens the aging collagen you already have.  The skin’s renewal process is revved up, leaving you with tighter, more youthful appearing skin. 

Where can Thermage be used?

This revolutionary procedure can be used on the face and other body parts such as the neck, chest, and abdomen.

Would I benefit from Thermage?

This is an attractive treatment for those who want a non-invasive treatment with proven results.  The treatment is quick and with very little if any downtime.  You can get a treatment on your lunch break and be back to work the same day!

Talk to your dermatologist today and get started on your new youthful appearance!

Before and after images of an abdominal thermage procedure.

Before and after images of an facial thermage procedure.