Tattoo Removal Using The Safe and Effective VersaPulse Laser

Tattoo Removal services for Charleston SC, Folly Beach, Johns Island, Kiawah Island, James Island and surrounding areas.

The Versapulse Laser is the industry Gold-Standard for removal of unwanted tattoos.  People get tattoos for a wide variety of reasons.  As that cute little butterfly turns into a large vulture, many patients want to erase that reminder of their youthful days.  Some patients may want to lighten a tattoo so that their tattoo artist can cover it with something more vibrant or up to date.  We can help all of these situations.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

The Versapulse Laser is the industry Gold-Standard for removal of unwanted tattoos. People get tattoos for a wide variety of reasons.The laser energy targets the pigment in the tattoo ink.  This ink is broken into tiny fragments that the body’s immune system breaks down and removes from the skin.

Does the tattoo come off quickly?

Tattoo removal is a commitment.  What takes a short time to put on can take a long time to take off and you have to be committed to the process.  Time for removal depends on may factors-age of tattoo, skin type, type and amount of ink, ink color, depth of the tattoo to name a few.  The more time you allow between treatments will let your body’s immune system more time to break the ink down.  The average tattoo will take 5-10 treatments, this varies due to the factors listed above and how your body responds to the treatment.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

The simple answer is, yes, it hurts!  However, your dermatologist can help alleviate the pain with topical numbing cream, local anesthetic injections, a cold air blower, or ice packs.

What do I do after my laser tattoo removal treatment?

It is very important for you to protect your skin after the laser treatment. Keep the tattoo covered with non-stick gauze and a barrier ointment such as Aqua-Phor to prevent the tattoo from drying out. You must avoid scratching and picking your tattoo. Most importantly-KEEP IT PROTECTED FROM THE SUN!!

What risks does laser tattoo removal have?

Risks include blistering, scarring, and hypo-pigmentation (lightening) of the skin.