Hair Loss

Hair loss can be devastating.  It can affect your self-confidence, your personal and professional life.  Although common and often shrugged off as a normal part of life, especially for men, hair loss may have underlying medical cause, and there are many treatments are available.


Why do I need to see a Dermatologist?

When seeking help for the condition, your dermatologist will try to determine if there is a medical condition, such as thyroid disease, diabetes, medication reactions, or psychiatric.  Other causes may be genetic, use of certain hair products or hair styling techniques.

What treatments are available for my hair loss?

Because there are many potential causes, there are also many treatments.  Medical conditions need to be addressed, and hair styling techniques adjusted.  Topical agents such as Rogaine are successful for some people.  Laser technology is also evolving to successfully treat certain cases.  Lastly, follicular transplant is an option-although the most costly.  A consultation with your dermatologist will help you find the best diagnostic and treatment regimen for you.